Tuesday, 8 October 2019


I have to admit that lawn fawn is one of favorites and I love the numerous elements thya come in a stamp set and they are all so compatible with each other that a good scene can always be made.

I came across this challenge such said lawn fawn and I was super excited to create something that I'd never created with the great inspiration something inside.. And that is when I had decided to make this twist and pop up card with my critters of the jungle stamp set from the sponsors lawn fawn..

So when you open the card.. Tadaaaa!!!!

Presenting my jungle card from the whole gang, the sentiments 'From the whole gang!!'are from the craftyscrappers  

I hope you like

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Lawn fawn Challenge Autumn

Imagine the fun of riding through the roads and cycling over the heap of fallen leaves. How much fun can that be.
Autumn is the season of the year when the nature unfurls all the colors at once and the contrast in the colors add to the beauty.
But there's more fun playing with the elements of nature..
This is my inner child who can find happiness in all little things.. 😊 😊

Hope you like it

Time out challenges : Breast Cancer Awareness

 Breast cancer is thought to be a disease of the developed world, almost 50% of breast cancer cases are fatal.

This is a serious disease and those battling out with it are true warriors.. And the awareness in women will help win over this. 

The awareness drive through the time out challenge was really a challenge. I didn't want to make this a sorrowful card, but wanted to give it a punch and also the message.

Why so serious! When life doesn't take us seriously.. Isn't it

I hope you like it.. 

Wednesday, 2 October 2019


This is a one layer card, stamping the little dog from the your next stamp playing in the pile of the fallen leaves.. Asking to jump right in..

I wanted to make an even simpler card but no leaves, no pumpkins and no nuts.. I thought this could be a change in the other submissions..

Hope you like what I created.. Jump right in.. 😊


This my birthday bunny peeking in to wish on the special day! When I first saw the template I wasn't sure of anything in my stash to that I had to complement the look. Then I found this patterned paper but was too plain so I decided to add some color to it by adding vertical and horizontal colorful lines.

Added the little hand cut bunny to stick it at the base. I hope you like this... 🐻

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Less is more challenge #404 Typography

Isn't there some joy and beauty in things which are not perfect!! And sometimes it is important to embrace things and find happiness in the little things we have..

 I have created this card with an imperfect circle to determine that sometimes things might not be perfect but that's what can give us joy what the perfect things cannot..

Leaving it a very very simple card so to with the sentiments. I have used the technique of my favorite Loll Thompson of creating eager color background using the tissue paper..

Hope you like it

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

AAA Cards Challenge - optional twist of the animals

I think CAS cards are the most difficult ones, a little flaw can be seen right through. I decided to play along the challenge with a Purrfect birthday wishes. Little kitty pops out of the birthday present. Don't you think it would be great surprise to know that a little pet is a birthday present.. A little affectionate companion for life..
Enjoyed coloring the elements..

Hope you like it. 


I have to admit that lawn fawn is one of favorites and I love the numerous elements thya come in a stamp set and they are all so compatib...